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  1. pitaloo

    new pictures

    Looks great. Thanks for the pics!
  2. pitaloo

    WTB black and white clown

    I pm'd him. Thanks for the advice!
  3. pitaloo

    WTB black and white clown

    After talking with Todd, I'm pretty sure mine is a false Percula. Does that make a difference? The onyx ones are nice. Who's selling them and how much?
  4. pitaloo

    Share the love....from down under

    Share the love
  5. pitaloo

    WTB black and white clown

    Hmm, I didn't know the difference
  6. pitaloo


    Go Pinky Go! (cheer) That is the cutest little clown though.
  7. One of my percula clowns ended up in the filter area and sadly died. :( I'm wanting a black and white one to replace him so his mate doesn't get lonely. Any ideas where to find one?
  8. pitaloo

    Show me your clowns!

    This is Tinkerbell. She loves me and loves to bite Todd.
  9. pitaloo

    Picture of the Month Prize Pack!

    Here are mine. My Yumas Yeah!! (clap) And of course one of my babies, since someone else did it too. (agree)
  10. pitaloo

    My new Yuma. It's pinkish orange!

    I got it from my husbands tank(clap) I stole it while he was napping (hidesbehindsofa)
  11. pitaloo

    My new Yuma. It's pinkish orange!

    Well, married...but not related. There are those that are both around here too (sick) When it comes to Todd...(queen)(shy)
  12. I love this new Yuma. It is by far the most vivid thing in my tank. The color is unbelievably pretty. (cheer)
  13. pitaloo

    Where did my Green Mushroom Go??

    That is the cutest thing. We used to have a decorator crab that would put zoas and crazy rocks on him and they would open up while he was walking around. It was really cute, but then we started missing fish and Todd moved him to the "naughty" tank.
  14. pitaloo

    Chalice photos!!!!!!!

    What care is involved with these? They are really pretty.
  15. pitaloo

    Tiny Tank Wonder

    It's kind of a solid top. It's the fluval edge tank. Todd wasn't happy with the lighting (I liked the whole zen sort of feel to it) so he bent up some metal and painted it black and added the Current USA powerbright led lights to it. I love it now although I do get worried when he starts to modify things. He gets carried away at times (nutty) I think the zoas will do great in my little tank. All of my current zoas have multiple babies. Todd's a little jealous at how fast they are growing in my little tank. (laugh) They really seem to like it under the led lights. The bright white ones anyways. Thanks for all the compliments. I look to the tank to bring me peace at night and it does it's job very well. (peace)