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  1. culp686

    Dry live rock

    Rock not for sale anymore. Would rather keep it then deal with a 2 year old argument
  2. culp686

    Dry live rock

    Im 30 minutes away if you take I-5 to the longview exit. But no biggie.
  3. culp686

    Dry live rock

    Still available. Located in rainier oregon
  4. culp686

    Dry live rock

    I Will sell it all for $150 if you want to get together and buy the lot. Not going to find a deal like this very often.
  5. culp686

    Dry live rock

    Ill let you know. Moving and trying to sell it all as one so I dont have to move it again.
  6. culp686

    Dry live rock

    200+lbs of dry live rock. Selling as a lot $200. Mostly medium to large pieces
  7. culp686

    Acan Pack FS

    dont worry thomas they are in columbia county.
  8. culp686

    Carpet anemone

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]13167[/ATTACH] Litle ticked off from being moved but eats like a pig.
  9. culp686

    Couple items for sale

    We will take the $25 media chamber
  10. culp686

    gots me some new zoas

    You all know I stole mikes screen name to post on this. Lol the coral addict herself coralcrazy.
  11. culp686

    gots me some new zoas

    Drooling big time. Can't wait for the classified ad. Getting the 110 frag tank running tonight and it's begging for corals. Lol
  12. culp686

    Wtb gsp

    if you have time, get ahold of heather and see what she has at the store. i think she had some that she could get some loose pieces off
  13. culp686

    120 gallon tank, stand, sump, and extras

    yeah, but i can't get water in my ears. and it's in the house. i don't think thats how "being in the dog house" works.
  14. culp686

    120 gallon tank, stand, sump, and extras

    do you think i could fit in the 75? thats probably where i will be sleeping for awhile
  15. culp686

    120 gallon tank, stand, sump, and extras

    you are going to get me in trouble