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  1. rgrcrain


    I am still alive but I don't have a tank anymore. I do still go to the stores just to stare from time to time though.
  2. rgrcrain


    I think the store you are talking about was in downtown Albany. I have no idea what it was called but it did have 2 stories. The local Portland/Vancouver stores are GREAT, but if you are talking about ALL of Oregon you have to include Reeftech down in Medford that list.
  3. rgrcrain

    Water help

    Where are you at in vancouver? I've got 5 and could probably have another in a few hours.
  4. rgrcrain


    No i'm talking about the palys. They grow like a weed in my tank. But hey thats the great thing about this hobby, the thing that one person hates might be another persons favorite coral.
  5. rgrcrain


    The first ones are called "The plauge taking over my tank that need to die" The second ones are nice, but re_run if you have red hornets that look like that you don't have red hornets. (laugh)
  6. rgrcrain

    Zoa pack for sale

    whats a rnj rainbow? got a picture?
  7. rgrcrain

    BRS Calcium Chloride

    I saw that and was kicking myself because I was already down there to meet dsoz for potasium permanganate this morning.
  8. rgrcrain

    Ledtric par38 Tri-color bulb

    What size tank did you have this on?
  9. rgrcrain

    BRS Calcium Chloride

    Does anyone have any BRS Calcium Chloride laying around that they dont need. I'm completely out and i'm too cheap to order just that from brs.
  10. rgrcrain

    Maroon and leaf fish

    You will probably get bit by the maroon while hand feeding the leaf. lol
  11. rgrcrain

    Montipora Eating Nudi's :(

    Great! And maybe then I will stop by Reefnjunkies place and mooch some of that Bayer and see what it does to them. lol
  12. I apparently have these nudibranchs all over my corals. There have been corals that I thought were just RTNing for quite a while from bad water chemistry that can probably be blamed on these little bastards! I just read an article about something called Potassium Permanganate that is supposed to do a pretty good job of killing them and their eggs. It is also sold as "Poly-Ox" by Kent Marine, Does anyone know where to get this or have any experience using it?
  13. rgrcrain

    Reefnjunkie's 400 gallon inwall

    Yeah all that "crap" from picture 6 and 7. You should just give that all away.
  14. rgrcrain

    Holy crap!

    Nah I lurk a lot. My tank is too full to buy stuff and nobody wants what its full of.
  15. rgrcrain

    Holy crap!

    Did you have to sell that one after two weeks in your dream too. lol