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  1. Livestock’s gone now on to equipment. Bio Cube 29 with stand,Steve’s LED lights (in the stock hood) LED night lights that can be set to either red,green,blue or white, 10 gal sump (built by wannareef) fish saver(keeps fish out of rear chambers) 5 skimmer socks, mag float,Red Sea test kit (1/2 left), return pump $200.00 SCA Aquariums SCA 301 skimmer (rated for 65 gals) with spare silencer $25.00 sold BRS mini reactor with spare cartridge & brs carbon & gfo $15.00-sold Reef keeper lite with temp & ph probe & calibration packets $50.00-sold Pacific Coast CL 280 1/10 hp chiller $100.00-sold Ato $10.00-sold Glass holes.com hole saws 2 1/2”- 1 3/4” - 1 1/2” (each has been used to cut maybe 2 holes at most never overheated)& 4 bulkheads $20.00sold MP 10 needs to be sent in to have dry side repaired ( it’s getting a flashing red & green light) $25.00sold RODI system/water station 55gal salt water bbl,30 gal fresh water top off bbl, both have floats to shut off water when they fill up & each line has a shut off so you can divert water to fresh or salt water bbls. $75.00sold Kent reef salt mix 3 50 gal bags $20.00sold 3 LRS reef frenzy food (8oz pkgs) $30.00sold Refractometer Sold APC RS 800 ups battery back up $30.00 20 gal Q/T tank (with a kind of funky homemade stand) filter,heater,power head & some pvc pipes for fish to hide in while setting in. $20.00 sold BRS calcium-alkalinity-magnesium pump jugs with 3 packets of each & funnels $30.00 sold
  2. I’ve never had luck with customer service & you can use Neptune Systems probes (been using their ph probe for about 2 yrs no problem)
  3. You still looking for a reef keeper lite? I have one with a temp probe & ph probe & packets of calibration soulition. $50.00
  4. Bump,I need the livestock gone! Rbta’s $15.00 clowns $10.00ea chalice $25.00
  5. No it’s a ups (like for computers)
  6. As soon as livestock sells. Hopefully soon👍
  7. I’m done.... First I want to sell livestock then equipment. 4 red bubble tip anemones $25.00 ea -1 black & white clown $20.00 -1 snowflake clown $20.00 (both clowns host the nems) Emerald mummy eye chalice $50.00 (about 3”x3”) - Digital Aquatics reef keeper lite with temp & ph probe (spare ph probe & calibration soulition) $50.00 Vortech MP 10 (bad dry side? tried cleaning the wet side & doing a hard reset, won’t reset) - $25.00 Pacific Coast CL 280 chiller (also controls heater) $100.00 -10 gal sump (built by wannareef) $20.00 -skimmer $20.00 -BRS mini media reactor with spare cartridge & carbon & GFO (brs brand)$15.00 -battery back up $30.00 -Bio Cube 29 with stand,led lights & programmable night lights in the hood -$75.00 -plus a bunch of misc return pumps power heads - salt - test kits all the stuff used in the hobby. Everything is open to REASONABLE offers. Located in Kelso,Wa (real close to Stylaster) Thanks, Mike
  8. Thanks Kim I've been too busy since I retired😁 Mike
  9. I'm getting out of the hobby. If anyone's interested I have a 29 gal bio cube with led lights, a 10 gal sump, Vortech MP 10,Digital Auqatics reef keeper lite with PH & temp probe,(spare PH probe & caliabration solution) skimmer,bulk reef supply mini media reactor (spare media canister) programmable night lights, Pacific coast imports CL280 chiller,RODI with 55 gal salt water barrel & 30 gal fresh water top off barrel. Livestock consists of about 5 RBTA's 1 Black & White clown 1 Snowflake Clown 1Peppermint Shrimp, a Oregon Emerald mummy eye chalice & some misc zoas & shrooms. $1000.00 plus a ton of misc powerheads,pumps,glass hole saws,ATO,auto feeder to sell separately.
  10. Nice trailer! Winnebago is a good quality trailer. I was a truck driver for 40 years ( retired in July, went to work part time delivering trucks for Peterbilt in Oct) if the trailer starts to sway DONT step on the brake pedal, use the trailer brake controller & apply it it ever so slightly & it will stop the trailer from swaying.
  11. If he wants a Bubble tip nem for his tank let me know I can toss one his way.
  12. Mines another one of those self explanatory names. It's what I am.
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