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  1. Ryan

    Tank backing color poll

    I saw Mikes shadow box yesterday! Its very cool! If my back panel was clear, I would definitely build one!
  2. Ryan

    In CRISIS .SPS for sale !!!

    If you still have a Pink Birdsnest Mini-Colony, I'll take one...PM me the price & contact info!
  3. Ryan

    Name My CA Parts?

    Brad is exactly right in how it needs to be set up. Thats a very nice reactor too! Its only weak link is the Oceanrunner/PCI style pump...they are terrible. Replace it with a Ehiem 1048 WHEN it goes out (probably about a year) and you will have a great reactor!
  4. Ryan

    Ideal CO2 Needle Valve?

    I just ordered the 52-1-12 directly from Ideal, it was $67. Can't wait to get it!!!
  5. Ryan

    James w/ Envision

    James is a stand up guy! Wish there were more like him around!
  6. Ryan

    First wash ever!!

    Nice truck! What size are your wheels/tires?
  7. Ryan

    Ideal CO2 Needle Valve?

    I am going to buy one soon! It's used by a lot of planted tank guys who know their Co2!
  8. Ryan

    Ed's Reef

    I went in for the first time yesterday, and was very impressed! I went home with 3 frags...cali tort, ponape birdsnest, & a blue/green cyphastrea. I especially like how he has a fish quarantine system!
  9. Ryan

    frag pack 40.00

    So let me get this straight....$40 for all if the frags you listed? I'll take it! When van I pick up?
  10. Ryan

    radium equilivlents

    Call me crazy, but back when I had MH's I switched from 250w SPS (South Pacific Sun) 14k to Radium 20k and didn't notice all that much of a difference. I was using an Icecap ballast. I was using 4 VHO actinics as well, so maybe that had something to do with it.
  11. Ryan

    Just a cool pic of my Reef

    VERY NICE!!! :-) I love the large colonies!!! Did you grow them from frags? Any FTS?
  12. Ryan

    CO2 Scrubber

    I have been thinking of setting up a scrubber, as well, to offset the PH dip of running a calcium reactor. BRS sells color changing media...its pretty spendy, so hopefully it lasts a long time. My only concern is limiting my skimmers air draw. BRS Media: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/medical-grade-co2-absorbent-low-dust.html BRS Air Filter: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/universal-air-filter.html
  13. Ryan

    Finch's SPS Envision

    Congrats on the new tank! I'm looking forward to following this one! Can you share some other specs such acrylic thickness, bracing, overflow, etc??? Also, what type of equipment you plan on using?
  14. Ryan

    Tank height

    I went with 21" tall on my tank...I wish I would have went with 18"! My stand is 37" tall so the top of my tank is sitting at 58", I'm 6'4" with long arms and its still a pain to get to the bottom. It also creates that much more space to fill up with coral.