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  1. Evansbr

    Equipment to donate/sell to the cause

    Hi Everyone, sorry been on vacation. Will be back in Portland on the 20th. I have a grouping of tanks hooked together for when I was breeding clownfish.. a 210 gal tank with stand and top.. skimmers, rock, etc. a lot of stuff accumulated thru the years. Moving to Fl and it either finds a home or a dumpster... there is one tank setup I am taking with me... everything else goes one way or another. Would like to give first crack to the tanks for teachers..
  2. Hi All I have a lot of equipment collected through the years. moving and would like someone to take it off my hands. use it in the program, sell it to raise funds.. whatever doesn't go ends up in a dumpster. Would love for it to spark someones interest in the hobby and have a future.
  3. Evansbr

    macna full pass and a grip of raffle tix

    Don't quit! I was very Impressed with your tanks, and wish I could do as well. Your quitting would be a loss, if you want/need help with things let me know. Scale back and just focus on something challenging. I picked breeding orchid dottybacks for my project.
  4. Evansbr

    Biocube 29

    Sent you a PM
  5. Evansbr

    anyone have contact info for Barelycuda?

    I just got off the phone with him, he said to PM him your number and he will call you tonight.
  6. Evansbr

    NEWBORN Banggai Babies need home ASAP!

    how much if any of a yolk sack do they have? may have a little time... I will call Dave and let him know you need baby brine
  7. I would bring the issue to the owner of the store. they may not even be aware that this is going on.
  8. Sounds like it was a heck of a party.... I agree with Kate, we have all done something stupid in our lives. Hope he gets it straightened out and back on track. He sure has alot more he can contribute to the hobby..
  9. Evansbr

    70 watt HQI

    PM sent for 1
  10. Evansbr

    Live blackworms

    yep, the wet spot carries them, they come in wednesdays and go pretty quick. they also carry live brine shrimp that come wednesday also. just picked some up yesterday. once the fish figure out the worms are food, watch out, feeding frenzy (scary)
  11. Evansbr

    Breeding Pair of Clarkii's

    sale pending, but if you want to get in line incase it falls thru you can shoot me a pm.
  12. Hi Everyone, I have a pair of Clarkii that spawn like rabbits, want to see if anyone here is interested in the pair and trying to raise some? I am branching out to try mandarins and I need the tank space. The female is very aggresive and they would need their own tank. (or house with fish you dont want(whistle)) 50.00? can bring to Daves for the meeting this weekend. Brian
  13. Evansbr

    cleaner shrimp with eggs

    the babies will need to be seperated from the parents, once they hatch they are food. minimal air flow for circulation, they are very fragile. Food wise I would try Rotifers, maybe fresh hatch brine? I have a book at home that talks about raising them. training your peppermint shrimp, or something like that. Book is very informative from someone that has actually raised peppermints.
  14. Evansbr

    Electric shock.

    I had a 300 W heater break open in a tank... wow does that hurt in saltwater (cussing). I have GFCI circuit, but since heater doesnt use a ground it didnt trip. try a fluke multimeter, one plugged into ground, drop other end in the water and unplug until voltage goes away??
  15. Evansbr

    Picasso's and Platinum's

    Nice! I wish I could afford a pair of Plats... wanna see what their babies would look like... (rock2) tanks look real clean too, trading a WOW account for james cleaning looks like it is paying off. you gonna keep a pair of plats and breed them?? would love to see the clownhouse "snowball" clown... pure white??(clap)