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  1. Here’s the Link to specs and here’s a photo asking $80 Im in inner NE Portland
  2. I have a bubble gum / forest fire monti pots digi that I bought from a Jeff a while back is growing like a WEED. For comparison my PC rainbow has grown maybe 1/4in in the last two months, and this has been on an inch and is branching like moose antlers. If you’re in portland Sometime I’d break you a frag for $10.
  3. I’ve changed my setup and selling these two. They work great. They are just over a year old. And they come with nem guards. Both powerheads and the reeflink to control them - $460.
  4. Cobalt

    ReefBot Pro

    I picked up a KH Guardian Pro last month from the manufacturer for $475 and I’ve been super stoked with it so far. Granted it’s just one automated test, but dosing too, and doesn’t need a controller. I wanted to share because the price is a bit under the radar since it started at $1500 last year. Not sure if they are going out of business or just accepting thin margins I might of the Trident release, but I bought a years worth of reagent just in case 🤨
  5. Introduced them to my display today, they seem to be really happy!
  6. They are all tentatively spoken for. 🤓
  7. That is really good to hear Taylor. As an owner of a 9mo old husky mix puppy I could only imagine the terror and heartache you’ve been through the last 24 hrs. Will keep you in mind regarding work.
  8. I need to clear out some more room on my frag racks. Left to right top to bottom in 1st photo: Blood Drop Chalice $15 Green Stag $10 (going to split that frag in two) Purple Monti $10 Bubble Gum Digi $10 Mango Pie Monti $10 Miyagi(?) $10 Jack o lantern Lepto $20 2nd photo is something green-ish... $10 3rd photo is something purple-ish $10 and I broke some pieces off my seasons greetings monti. $5. Spend $30 get a $5 off addl frag, spend $40 get $10 addl frag, spend $50 get $20 of addl frags. $80 for everything? 🤷‍♂️ Before responding to one offs I'm going to till tonight to see if anyone wants them all. Then I'll part out.
  9. Does look promising. I just picked up their 2k gyres to use alongside the controls when they come out. However their Hydros app UI/UX leaves a lot to be desired and gives me concern the system will be a mess to control or use. Looks like they let engineers design the UI. A Shame but maybe they will improve on it.
  10. I put a large zebra hermit in my QT tank because he was knocking over frags in my display. Now I inherited another one and popped him in My qt to avoid the same issue with my display and... it’s all out war battle royal. I’m going to have just one soon if I don’t get rid of one. Free to good home, one or both.
  11. Just a few months old. I’m deciding to go another direction and not do a fuge. Comes with the 12in gooseneck arm and original box. Works great.
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