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  1. Saturday around 5ish works for me, alternatively Sunday around 11. I can be flexible, just trying to time a little around some errands
  2. I'd get an Utter Chaos and Blueberry fields if you were headed in sometime. I work from home weekdays so can usually meet up someplace like C&C. I also live close to downtown.
  3. Anything left? I might be interested in the WXM
  4. Hi Nate, Headed in to portland this weekend?
  5. Also interested. Will be headed to C&C tomorrow.
  6. Shucks! Did not subscribe to the thread. Glad the SLW found a good home though.
  7. I'm interested if Dynellep changes mind.
  8. Fantastic. Keep me posted. Might be interested in some Monti frags as well.
  9. Hahaha. I’m in NE portland and looking for a RBTA!
  10. Cobalt


    I'm down for a ball- are you in Portland or can meet a LFS?
  11. Hi, I’d love to get one of the rbtas. I was planning on going into C&C today and maybe woodys - I live right in between them both... let me know! thanks todd
  12. Light too?? Someone snap up this deal GLWS
  13. Hey all - I'm looking for practically any powerhead to mix 5 gallons batches of salt with. I'm in between Mississippi St / Alberta St. Anyone have one laying around for $5 or something?
  14. I just have to say this was my first frag fest and I was really impressed with the vendors and the deals. I wish I could have spent all day there, and I wish I could have spent more! A big thanks to the event organizers.
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