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  1. Hey CRT - still want them? Apparently when I create a new post it doesn’t auto subscribe me to to them 🙃
  2. Going to need to come in and check it out
  3. Here there, I'm interested. I don't know much about them - does he/she nip on corals? How many inches is it would you say?
  4. If no one claims them locally by the weekend, sure!
  5. I have two of these XL size racks holds 19 well spaced frags or a lot more if you use the spacer holds. $25 each? Would consider some trades, I have most common SPS but would consider a Monti. I also lost my lime/bue ricordia mushrooms so if you have any of those...
  6. Thanks for the comments. The clam did show growth at one point. I forgot to look for that more recently. I’ve been keeping my phosphates at .05 or below, nitrates at 2mg/L. Ca 420 and Alk at 11. Have heard about the sand thing.
  7. I need to check out the par meter but the clam is directly under an arm mounted gen 3 radion XR30 at the bottom of a 20in tank. I also have a blue LED light bar for some additional PAR for the edges of my 36in tank. Removed him. No evidence of predators/worms. Maybe I shouldn’t have had him in the sand bed.
  8. I have been reluctant to scrub the sponge off because they I do read they are toxic and thought it was better to leave alone and the clams mantle was touching the sponge and seemed fine so it let it go. other clam in the tank is happy as a... clam
  9. After bringing it home from C&C’s I noted a pretty purple sponge growing on it that has slowly grown over the past 5 months. But not into its shell and it never seemed to bother the clam. any ideas or things I should check? Params are all ok other than my alkalinity wandered a little high at 13 now but all the other tank inhabitants are happy.
  10. I have a Red Sea Max Nano 20g that is mostly empty. I don't have alkalinity automation on that tank, it just gets 5 gallon water changes from my display tank. I have some softies and LPS in there. I'm close to downtown Portland.
  11. Really had a [language filter] moment when I checked on my Nano during the daytime. Showoff. 😂 Untitled.mpg
  12. Here’s the Link to specs and here’s a photo asking $80 Im in inner NE Portland
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