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This is OUT OF BOUNDS!!!!

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No Curtis you misunderstood my post. When the forums were first set up. This 'stickied' thread was just telling people what this forum was for. Now it's 26-27 replys long and I don't know where it all got started. That's all I'm saying......


Ya Michael I understand. This was supposed to be the "Rules" but not really a posting thread. Dont know why this all started either, but it did. Time to make a new sticky.


I am into paintball. There is a great group of guys that play on a private field in marcola, and its free. They are awesome. I wish I had phone numbers to give you, but my phone got ruined and I dont have that info any more. Ask around and maybe you can find them. Their names are Allen and Sam, and they own a field in marcola. You wont find a better group of people to play with anywhere.

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...Dont know why this all started either' date=' but it did. ....[/quote']


Someone dug up an old thread and made a post which was then followed by a couple of more and then I fell into it making a post that wasn't very clear and ended up misunderstood resulting in the discussion going way off topic. After looking back through it more closely I realized the post was about the rules and also that my post was misunderstood so I removed it. The original post that started it along with one other one was deleted at some point as well. While it wasn't my intention I must apologize for my part in it. Maybe we can get an admin to delete everything following the original post (or at least back to where it went off topic) and then lock the thread to keep it from happaning again.

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9 hours ago, fishmanmike01 said:

Weird. This all of s sudden i open up as new material yet the last post I can see is sep 28th 2009. Worse yet I can easily remember some of these great folks. 

Yes brings back memories ! ?

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