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  1. It's a pretty standard 2x4 stand finished with bead-board. Custom light bracket made out of 3/4 EMT conduit. Oh I forgot to mention I'm an electrician. I'll try to chip in on electrical questions when I see them.
  2. Hey y'all. My name is Bryce and I'm in East Wenatchee. I've had my tank up for a year. Kinda lonely on this side of the mountains so I though I would sign up and say hello. a little about my tank. It's a 40breeder on a custom stand with a sump on the other side of the wall in the garage. Lighting is a viparspectra 300. Using a pair of jebao wave makers for flow. Filtration is Sock, carbon, skimmer, cheato. I started out planning to do softies and LPS but after doing some trading I ended up mostly SPS. Always looking for more locals to trade with.
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