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  1. This is a ClearView Lid for the Reefer 525XL. Sold Pickup is located at 4940 S. Landing Dr Portland OR Please text/call me at 312-354-0846
  2. Sold My tank is 1.5 years old. I'm moving back to Colorado and it would be way too much work to take it with me. I bought the tank new in March of 2019. They sell for $2800 new, I'm asking $1000 if picked up today or tomorrow. It's a Red Sea Reefer 525XL. It comes with the tank, stand, sump, and plumbing. It is 108 gallons for the display and 139 total gallons if you include the sump. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/reefer-xl-525-complete-system-108-gal-red-sea.html Pickup is at 4940 S. Landing Dr Portland, OR Please call or text 312-354-0846 if you're interested. I included a picture of the dry side so you could see how I set it up. The Apex and other hardware is not included. That lid lifts up and I put the gallons or two part and power adapters underneath it.
  3. I've got a couple people in line. I will let you know if they fall through.
  4. I have 2 Nero 5 I'm selling for $100 each. Pickup is at 4940 S. Landing Dr. Portland OR If you're interested please call/text me at 312-354-0846
  5. Hanna Copper Checker - $25 Pickup at 4940 S. Landing Dr. Portland OR Please call or text 312-354-0846 if interested
  6. Neptune Auto Feeder with 1/2 bag PE Pellets $50 Red Sea Skimmer $175 Available for pickup at 4940 S. Landing Dr. Portland OR Call or text 312-354-0846 if you're interested.
  7. It has the light sensor and the backup float switch.
  8. It says its the 5017 on the controller.
  9. I have a Tunze ATO with the optical sensor and backup float switch. I'm selling it for $100. Pickup at 4940 S Landing Dr. Portland, OR Please call of text 312-354-0846
  10. Clowns and the anemone are sold
  11. I forgot to mention PM or text/call me at 312-354-0846.
  12. Everything has sold, this thread can be deleted.
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