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Dallas Tank


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Hello Folks!

Just thought I'd drop word on how things are going with my tank. Sorry I couldn't make it to Newport the other weekend. Had a family emergency that took me out of state on short notice.

As the year draws to the close, I'm excited to say I haven't had any major problems to speak of. I have several students (as well as teachers) who like to come in and just watch the flora and fauna in my tank. It's fun to answer questions and point out different things (no, that isn't seaweed, it's xenia...)

This term I have a new student in charge of the tank and tank maintenance. She is also doing this through her "careers" class. Part of that class is creating a project around what they are working on. She is hoping to create a pamplet on marine aquariums and how to start one up. She wants to learn for herself so she can set up her one aquarium when she is off to college.

I will try my darnedest to take some pictures of the tank and post them online for all to enjoy!

Thanks again to everyone!

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