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Selling It all!


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Well I have decided to put my tank up for sale, theres nothing wrong with it, it's just that i dont have the time to keep up with it anymore. !+I DO NOT WANT TO PART IT OUT+! I would like it to keep it all together heres the list of whats in there and probably more:



125 Gallon All-Glass Aquarium

55 Gallon refugium

Protien Skimmer (Same company who makes Octopus, but no name)


Phosban Reactor 150

Test kits for Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphates, Amonia,PH

2X400Watt MH (Mougal) XM 20K (5 Months old)

400 Watt PFO Dual Ballast

7 PC blues (also included timers and heavy duty large powerstrip)

150+ lbs of Live rock, (The coraline algae is really starting to grow)

3X Koralia 3 powerheads

1" bed of Live Sand

2X Garbage Cans for water Changes including Extra Heater)




1X Sailfin Tangs

1X golden Eye Kole Tang

1X Marble Star

1X Sandsifting Star

1X Cleaner Shrimp

1X Sargassum Trigger

2X True Perc Clowns

2X Clarkki Clowns

1X Unicorn Tang




2 Ricordia Mushrooms

Rock with 12 Green Mushrooms

Rock with 30+ Purple Mushrooms

3 Different Rocks covered in red and green polyps

1 rocks with Ice blue Clove polyp

1 really large Monti (Note Somehow the Salinity Dropped a couple weeks ago and it bleached out on the Top but if kept correctly will simply be encrusted in Red again)

3 frogspan heads

medium size kenya tree

Some cool looking Flower looking poypys with long stems

1 leather coral



For pictures of all the live stock and mics pictures go to www.thesaltwaterproject.com




$800 For all You pick up. PM me, or call or text 541-905-9556 (as I am busy with school and work so it's a larger chance you will get my voicemail leave a message and I will get back to you)


Also I will need the buyer to move the tank I am not experienced enough in the hobby and have only been in it for 6 months and am scared to kill anything and would want someone who is skilled in this proccess I have 4 buckets you can take and a half bucket of Kent Salt and any mics equipment I have laying around will be tossed in







This is a good sized rock with 30+ Purple mushrooms



The frogspawn expands to about the size of a greatfruit I as well have another 3 heads of frogspawn



Lots of of Zoa's 3 rocks covered in them



This rock has star polyps and 5 red mushrooms - also a big thing of star polyp that covers a rock



Ice blue clove polyp, This looks allot better than the picture shows very purple



huge red monti coral


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thanks guys for your interest But I do want to keep the livestock together and currently working on a very good offer right now, If I do get that deal to go through I will probably be selling the equipment and I don't mind parting that Im just really looking for the best offer on the livestock together. I will keep you updated I should know tommorow If the deal goes through

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Hey guys, I bought all of the livestock today! I know I will not be able to fit it all in my tanks, so if there was something you were interested in just shoot me a PM pretty soon.


The tank setup he has is a GREAT deal for the price, nice skimmer, halides, and tank, along with everything else, so someone should jump on the deal!!!

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