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Some LE corals


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Hey, I was thinking of thinning out the frag rack a little. Thought I'd list some things I had already fragged to see what other LE frags people had. I only have a small tank so, so really just trying to collect LE frags until I get me larger tank set up.


Things I have that are already fragged/healed/encrusting:

Original (pink) Tyree Watermelon chalice (1 eye)

GARF Purple Bonsai (accidental fragging (sad) of growth tip of my mini-colony, so a nice multi-branch shape)

Tyree Sunset Monti

Superman Monti (straight from THE original colony)

20K league Lokani (very small, not colored up from fragging)

Tyree Pink Lemonade (just fragged - extremely small. Seriously - really, really small)

Greg Hiller Aqua Delight (not fragged yet, but fraggable)


I think that's about it. Give me a shout if you have something high end (SPS or LPS). I'd be happy to trade many-to-one depending on the LE frag. I'm just trying to build up my collection prior to a tank upgrade.


P.S. Really looking for the ORA Green with blue polyp Acro


P.P.S. MrGreenThumb, how's that Fruitloop doing..?

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