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Acropora Problem??


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I believe this is a type of Lokani. Over the last couple of weeks or so the ends seem to be bubbling (for lack of a better word) up. It wasn't like this when I bought it a couple of months ago and just want to see if this is normal or if I have something going on. I am very new to the acropora corals.


Take a look.







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Do you have it under high flow?


Flow is low to middlin. I had it under a slightly higher flow but changed powerheads as it was to much for the tank.


Do acropora's get fungus? Cause that is kind of what it looks like. I don't see anything biting or crawling on it.



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Hey Jason it is actually kind of hard like calcium deposit. The picture doesn't really show the color it is more blue than white, and I just noticed the only other Acropora I have in the tank is starting to do it also.


I'll get pics in a few I am maintanencing right now so things are a mess.



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