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Ok I finally got into soutas this weekend (last time I went and they weren't there, and this was before I knew the situation with Senior). I must say WOW!!! This place was fantastic if you are into acro. Ricky really knew his stuff and explained everything carefully, not to miss any detail. He is a very respectful and respetable young man and it was a pleasure doing business there. Thanks guys for everything.

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Thank you for the compliments, it was a pleasure talking with you and your wife yesterday as well. :)


I'm glad that you were happy with everything, I believe this is the only way it should be when coming to any store.


How are those corals doing, that Pink Fungia you picked up was amazing. Just about the the pinkest one we've ever received. In fact, when we originally saw it we almost couldn't believe it and thought that it would lighten up a little in color once put under our lighting. Not a single pigment out of place though!


I look forward to your next visit when you get the chance. You and your wife are exceptionally nice people, not to mention that you both have very good taste for corals in my opinion. ;)



Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-

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