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Diablo AR-1 Paintball Gun

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I have a Diablo AR-1 paintball gun for sale. The gun is in great shape. Dual electronic anti-chop eyes. Comes with 2 barrels, Electronic Halo-B hopper (sound activated so only cycles when you shoot, not making noise the whole time), 12 oz CO2 (brand new, never used), barrel squeegees, painball jersey, large deluxe 2008 empire gear bag with wheels (super nice). Paintball gun is semi auto with a great electronic trigger that is very responsive. The gun can do up to 18 balls/second, and the hopper can easy exceed that. The gun is in great shape with only minor scratches on the braided CO2/Air line.


However the gun broke the low pressure regulator screw last week. I ordered a new one and will replace it and get the gun in perfect working order before I sell it. I am just getting it listed because I dont have much time before I move.


The reason I am selling it is that I upgraded (most would say downgraded) to a Tippman A-5. I play woodsball so wanted to get the Tippman with Flatline barrel. The gun probably isn't as nice as the AR-1, well definitely isn't, but you can get the Flatline barrel for it.




Here is a review on the gun:


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Kona Longboard


I have a Kona Longboard that has been used less than 6 times. I was just learning, so there are some scratches on the bottom from hitting the pavement. Everything else is in perfect shape. Very nice and very "LE" board. These are not production made, I won it as a raffle from Kona. I have NEVER seen another one, and I have done a lot of searching. This makes it very difficult to price, but I will ask $125, as that is the price of a higher end used board, but will be up to some negotiation.


Also would trade either/both items toward a PS3 or xbox 360.


Will post pics later.

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