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Are these the same skimmers


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The specs on these seem almost the same. I am going to order one of these, just not sure what one. If you can tell me anything about one or the other that would be great.


I had one ordered but got the call today that it was around two weeks out, so now I can rethink it.

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So they just put diffent stickers on them? Sorry about the questions but just wanting to make sure.


How long have you had it? And anything I need to know about setup or tips and or tricks or is it just plug and play ?? Thanks for the info.

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Yep, just different stickers. The meshwheels could be different also because each place does there own.



I had mine running for about 1-2 months on a 70 gallon frag tank...but decided to simplify my system and plumb it in with the main system which runs a reeflo orca 250, so the msx 200 wasn't needed anymore. It ran great for the time I had it. They are a little touchy at first if you decide to use the meshwheel, some are balanced and some are not and need to be re-meshed or they get loud and have start up issues. I know they now have a "purple" pinwheel that is suppose to pull the same numbers as the mesh with no start up issues so you may want to look into one of those.


$for$ these are one of the best skimmers on the market today. There is a VERY long thread going on RC if you haven't seen it you should sit down for a (ok many) hour and read it, has all sorts of great info. Its in the lighting and filtration forum. Also, marine solutions has a forum on RC that alot of owners post on.


They are pretty plug and play...at least for me it was. I just set it up on a stand in about 8" of water and let it rip! I sold the skimmer to scott and he in turn has let Jordan from Waves borrow the skimmer and he has been running it for a month or so now. I talked to him last week and he said that it is really touchy in his system, skimming wet then dry, then wet again....so take that for what its worth.

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