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55 gal Mixing Drum


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I've had these two 55 gal plastic drums for a little while, one for ro/di and salt mixing and the other to hold the waste water from the ro/di.


I had drilled the lower part of the drum and install a ball valve connected to a canister filter for water movement. Yeah, kind of lazy but had 4 of the 404 Fluva's so why not.


Finally got off my duff and installed a "port hole" in the top to lower a mag pump to circulate and mix the salt with water, closed off the valve that was near the bottom.


I can close it up and no dirt can fall in, have a stronger pump for water changes and cleaner looking. I also installed to elbows one near the top and the other near the bottom, inbetween I installed a translucent hose to see the water level, the drum is marked on the side.



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