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Leather Devil's Hand "frag" for trade


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I have a fairly large piece I cut off my Devil's Hand leather coral because it was just getting too big. The "frag" is about 9 inches or the size of a softball when fully extended. I have it tied down to a rock and it seems to be doing well. I cut it about a week and a half ago.


I'm interested in trying to trade it for something if anyone has anything. Let me know if you're interested.


Three pictures attached. First two are of the piece I'm trading and the other is the parent colony. I don't know how popular these leathers are. If multiple people are interested I can cut some more lobes off the parent colony because it is still getting too large.




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Not looking for anything special. Maybe a small frag of zoos or whatever you have around (except green star polyps and pallies as I have enough of those). If you have nothing to trade but are interested in the frag, I'd sell it for $10.

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