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Yes once again TEC comes through(clap) Jody did a few things for me that really says customer service(rock2) All corals looked great and one was not even a frag anymore just a small colony(laugh) Thanks again and look forward to doing business again(waving)

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lol im glad they showed to your liking and are you sure thats a pink tip frogspawn I thought for sure it as a hammer lol if not my bad lol.


well its hard to tell..it doesn't look like the typical brancing FS but then again i dont really see the anchor shape on the ends of the tentacles like you normally do on hammer...but whatever it is, its still cool :)

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Will post pics someday(laugh) Camera has no bat. in it right now plus who knows where it is among the mess in my living roomDOH!


Oh and Jody thanks for the Keds I think I have at least a 100 polyps now(naughty) I know I have 3 colonys now though. If you ever come across pics of the other green one send it my way as would like to know what it looked like(whistle)


Also that acan has some amazing color in it(drooler)

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