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New tank VS Used tank


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Ok, I know i'm starting to stray on the origin of this thread, but nano and I were looking at CL today for around a 75 to 90 gal. for pretty cheap...granted they don't cost very much and have amenities like skimmer/lighting above PC/stand & cabinet...but i was just thinking...is it worth risk of bad previous owner habits such as copper medicines or other things...should we just get a new one that has the exact features we want and pay the extra??...


advise... (scratch)...and thanks to all for advise...


So I figured I'd post this here where it would be seen, and not buried in another thread. So what are ya'll opinions? Any advice is appreciated. :D

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Saving Money is always good. If you don't know or question the history there is always a risk. Practically everybody makes changes to what they originally purchase. weather it be new or used. Was it salt water before. How was it setup, reef fish only mixed, why are they selling. Just check things out. A lot of things for sale out there due to the economy that make it good buy for some one.

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