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Amazing animals


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Never ceases to amaze me how incredible these animals are that we keep in our little glass boxes. I bought some corals from a guy on RC, asked for USPS priority shipping and he sent it ups ground. Needless to say 4 days later the box showed up, one zoa frag made it the other did not, the rainbow monti was white as was the freebie acro he tossed in.


He replaced them, sent them USPS priority, and tuesday i called USPS to see about an update since the website hadn't changed. She tells me that, even though their website says its a 2 day delivery, it could be delayed up to 5 days. Knowing she didn't care about my problem, i hung up and chalked them up for dead.


Today a package shows up. Replacement zoas and rainbow monti still alive, as was the freebie acro he tossed in. I got them home at 6 this evening, floated them in my sump for 15 min, then into a bowl to acclimate and assess the damage. Not 5 minutes later all three were open with fully extended polyps. I was just in awe. More than 96 hours in a bag and box and they are healthy as can be. Just crazy. Had to share.

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