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OK, more items - Bubble, Frogspawn, Leathers, Zoas


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OKie dokie, looks like a few more are coming up.


BIG pink/green bubble coral in the top right of this pic. Attached to a large, heavy coralline covered rock. I will not ship this, as it's just too awkward and would probably die in transit, or get crushed. Looking for $50.



Nice softball sized frogspawn in the top left of this pic. has 7-8 heads I think. $45.



The softball sized toadstool in this pic is $20. The ric rock is supposedly sold locally, but we'll see. If it doesn't it's $75 for it, and it has 8 nice rics on it, green blue and purple.



These I believe are magicians? 7 polyps. $25.



Coco worm. Again, will not ship as it's just too awkward. $30, has two great puffs on it! :)



I'll be in Seattle the night of the 26th, if you live up there and can meet me. I won't go too far out of my way, and you'd have to do it on Thurrsday the 26th sometime between 7 and 9 pm, depending on when I get there. Also, will need Pyapal money in my account before I take these with me, as they WILL die if you aren't able to get them that night. I MIGHT be able to swing it until Friday morning, but no later than the morning time. Again, I will ship, and it has to be Fedex if we're using the cheap ground. I know for a fact that to Seattle or Portland proper, it's overnight. Depending on weight, it's no more than $20. Let me know what you want!


(I know people had pm'd me about some of this, and I feel bad because I had to clean my boxes out, so I no longer know who it was. So sorry! Again, first come, first served on these items)

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The tubbs blues, bam bams, and tealy greens in the pic with the magicians are available too. I think there are currently at least a dozen tubbs ($25), maybe a half dozen bambams($15) and closer to 20+ of the teals($20).

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