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MCE600 and halide pendant/pc setup


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I have an MCE600 that I was going to run on my 60 gallon setup I am planning, but stumbled onto a deal on an AP701 so I no longer need the MCE. It is a very nice HOB skimmer that is rated conservatively to run on a well stocked 100 gallon system. In my move, the collection cup dissapeared. Replacing the cup through Marvin is $80.00 but for someone who has some acrylic skills, the piece can be fabricated for 2 or 3 dollars. I am asking 225 shipped and insured on RC, but for anyone local I can meet you somewhere and will let it go for $200. New price on the skimmer is just shy of $500.00


Also selling my old hanging light fixture. There is a reef optix 3 250 watt DE pendant and 2 32 watt PC's in the DIY oak fixture. I will happily throw in the fixture if anyone wants it, but it would work equally well stripped out and mounted into a tank hood. Includes ballast and bulbs for the pc's, but no ballast or bulb for the halide. Asking 150 dollars for the whole rig, again, can meet you somewhere. Willing to part out, 75 bucks for the pendant and 75 for the pc setup if someone prefers.

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