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55 Gallon Sump question ?


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I'm ready to start on the sump ( 55 gallon ) for my 125 gal DT ......It will be seperate from the DT and in another room ( garage ) I also have a different 55 gal for the fuge which will be elevated slightly higher then the sump. Both are acrylic tanks ...The 125 DT is Glass.


My question is .....When designing and installing the bubble traps is there a set height or distance that works the best ?? closer to the inlet side ...or outlet side ?


I understand the 3 walls and there 1 inch apart placement .....and I can adjust the water depth slightly in the sump.....and that I need room for the DT and Fuge to drain back into when a power outage occurs.....I am going to install the skimmer and water inlet on one end and the outlet pump on the opposite end....and want the space in the middle for either an extra frag tank / QT tank ( seperate 10 gallon inside ) or additional LR area...who knows ....


Should I set it all up w/o bubble traps .....see how it flows...then come back and install them at the determined water levels ?? I want to utilize the maximum amount of volume I can ...allowing only 3-4 inches room at top...after an outage occurs.


Anyone have something similar? or have a good estimate of how much room I would need for power outage back flow ?? My 90 flows back about 4 inches in my sump which is about 12x20x16


Any advise is greatly appreciated !

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Very Nice !! Thanks Gradth .....and even has photos for the reading impaired !!!


Only difference is that I won't have a fuge in my sump .....thats why i was thinking of the empty space in the middle and inlet and outlet on either end ??

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