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ID Please: Tenius?


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I bought a very small frag of this about 6 months ago at the Seahorse. It didn't do much for the first 4 months so so, just had nice colors. In the last 2 months it has tripled in size! Its one of my hardest corals to photo. I have never been able to get the colors right.


It has a light green base that fades to white, then has bright blue tips and green polyps. Heres an idea of how its shaped:




Is this a Tenius? Any other ideas?



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After looking at the 2nd picture that is definitely our Super Acropora Pulchra that we've been growing for 6 years now. It's actually a color morph of a original colony we had.


It had a brown base with blue tips, then bam 2 years went by and the skin started changing to a yellow/green color slowly from one spot outwards. It happens in our systems quite often to different corals.


We also have a electric pink stylophora that glows green if you put it under blue actinics. It's called the Green in the Dark Stylophora. (laugh)


One of our nicest color morphs in my opinion.


We have tons of the pulchra frags for super cheap in our store if anyone wanted it. I'd be surprised if most stores didn't have this species already. I know ORA cultures it as well under a different name. It's good looking stuff! :)



Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-

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