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For sale 30 gallon setup


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Parting out tank. I must sell all live stuff before parting out tank pieces! 30 gallon acrylic tank built on over flow $100, Pacific coast chiller model# cl 650 $275, custom stand $200 , coral life pro 250 watt halide x1 55 watt pc x2 moonlight 3/1 watt x 2 $325 , ps 1000 skimmer $50 , sea life pump $ 50 , squid $25 , live rock $ 4 pound about 80 pounds , orange zoos 10 heads$ 25 , red zoos 10 heads $ 25 , white pom pom xenia $20 have three , toadstool mushroom leather on cool rock $40 , yellow colony polyp on rock $35 for big colony $ 25 for small colony on rock , candy cane coral 11 heads $30 , neon green candy cane coral 2 heads $10 , lots of mushroom neon green $5 head ,clam $38 , other things also salt,chemicals,cleaning stuff ocean clear filter no filter for it though $20. I must sell live stuff before selling any parts.I can take other pictures if needed date on pictures is not correct pictures taken 3/8/09. Let me know if i am high on any prices or to low.






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