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will be in portland on sunday the 29th WTB corals


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What are you looking for in Zoa's?


variety I have a couple of different colonies now just looking to pic up some new ones everytime I go out of town I allways try to bring a little somthin back with me


ohh ya and I will be in town tomorrow 2-29-09

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can you say Brown Noser(naughty)(naughty)(naughty)


I am always a big fan of Seahorse, even now moving to Grants Pass I am still stop by Seahorse weekly for saltwater and whatever other things that I needed. (Bow)


Hey SEAHORSE..... I AM YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMER....now where is my major discount? (backtotopic)

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I have a small Kenya tree, some snake polyps, some kind of SPS, and some birdsnest both pink and orange if you are interested. Not looking for much.


Just a heads up, I am fighting some sort of parasite, I am unsure if it is ich. If you pick up anything from me you should take percautions before putting into your tank.


Thank you downhill for the reminder.

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