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24 gal Aquapod w/150w sunpod and med CPR fuge w/24w light


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Yes lm selling it all again. I got screwed by my ex on taxes, been on unempolyment since december. I need to get out of this hole Im in and this is one way to do it. I love my tank, but my kids and myself come first.

Im moving this weekend, so either pick up this week or when lm done moving. Also I would like to sell the Aquapod as a whole setup for SOLD which includes everything except fish and coral livestock, RO/DI unit and extra tanks.



- New 24 gal Aquapod w/glass top 25lbs +/- live rock and 20lbs live sand no stand sorry. $150

-24"150w Sunpod with 12 lunar lights 20k DE bulb and extra 20k and 14k bulb $200 ($350 retail)

-2 Hydo Korillia 1 pumps $25 each

-Natural Wave strip w/3pump oulets and 3 untimed outlets $25

-Med CPR bakpak fuge w/light and stand that fits perfect in the Aquapod bunch of chaeto in it and livesand $40

-100w stealth heater $15

-digital thermometer free

-small mag float $5

-phosgaurd.carbon,purple up, agramilk,liquid calcium and alk,salt,amino acids,dry and frozen foods,3lbs of kalk , calcium blocks and instant ocean reef test kit $40

-tank package above for SOLD-



-Kent Maxxima 4 stage RO/DI unit $50 SOLD

-29 gal glass tank with cheap florescent hood and hang on filter$25

-10 gal glass tank w/hang on filter $15

-2 20lbs bags caribsea arag-live (special grade reef sand) $40SOLD

-new Seio 1500 $40 SOLD

-5 gal buckets free

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