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need space and money asap.(wife)so i would prefer as much as possible sold by the end of the weekend. i wont ship but if your further away and can not come get stuff this weekend i will accept paypal and hold whatever as long as you need till you make it down.of course lps and sps trades will be conciderd(plotting).


wysiwyg candy cane 20bucks



2nd wysiwyg candycanes 20 bucks



mint chocolatechip mushroom 10 bucks



all of these wildish palyzoas i can get off for 10 bucks!




fire and ice zoas 3 polyps 10 bucks



ring of fire zoas and i will say probably one of the most color intense morphs off the ring of fire. 3 polyps 10 bucks



badass zoas, dunno the name scott can vouch for how badass they are 5polyps 10 bucks



eagle eyes 3 polyps 10 bucks



tidalzone aquas 3 polyps 10 bucks



huge rhodactus mushroom 15 bucks. if you feed this theyl start spliting fast



i also have another colony of widish palyzoas prob 40+ polyps 10 bucks

no pic sorry


wysiwyg frag tank not sure on the gallons never use it prob 15 or more a diy 70 watt halide would rock this thing.30 bucks



mogulbase reflector i think it was from 250 watt 5 bucks



pretty much all the zoas i can make more than one frag of.


hope to see some of this stuff go.





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I would like the golden eye, fire and ice, and ring of fire.


You sure you don't wanna ship the zoa's they are easy to ship. I can pay with paypal if you can hold them. Maybe someone else from Portland will be going down and I can contribute some gas money, or a frag too.

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