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Proper way to test Effluent ALK?


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I just got my DIY calcium reactor setup and running. Its holding steady at 100ml a minute, 40 bubbles per minute, and 6.9ph.


I was going to wait to set it up until I got a Salifert Alk test, but could not find one locally. Seahorse will have them in mid-week.


For now, Im going to attempt to test my Effluent ALK with my API test. My target tank ALK is 9 dKH, so I am going to start at 18 dKH out of my reactor.


My API test only goes up to 12 dKH, so I plan on deluting the effluent with a 50/50 mix of either RO/DI water or tank water. Which should I use?


Sneaker pic:


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