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Trade some frags for a video of your tank!


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Hi All


I am a corporate video editor with some time on my hands. I also have a 140 gallon tank that really needs some coral. I have more time than money so I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade some frags for a video of their tank for post on YouTube. I would also give you a DVD. My video of my old 29 gallon biocube is the high ranked video and google listing when you search for oceanic biocube.


Here is the offer:

1) You give your tank a good cleaning

2) I come by and shoot video footage of the tank and gear

3) I could possibly interview you if you are into that. If I do shoot Interviews I would cut them to make you look your best.

4) You show me the three frags you will give me (no pulsing xenia or palys - I have plenty of those).

5) I go home and capture the footage and edit together the video and post it to YouTube once you say go



1) Due to the low cost the video will be pretty much as is. This means that you will not be able to say things like more of that fish, less of that fish, I don't like this or that cut. I will probably allow a couple things but it will be at my discretion. If you hook me up I will probably hook you up. I am good at what I do and you will like the result.

2) The frags need to be pest free to the best of your knowledge.

3) If I end up creating a longer video/documentary, about reef keeping in Portland you will give me the rights to use your interview and tank footage. I don't have any plans to do this but If I get enough takers I might.

4) You need to be near Portland. I am willing to travel about 20 miles.


If you don't have any frags you can also pay me $60 bucks and I will go buy frags myself.


My videos are much better than the average home YouTube tank video because I actually edit them. Most YouTube tank videos are just footage of the camera panning around the tank with no editing. I will edit the highlights into a 3 minute video that will make your tank look better than you expect.


I hope I get some takers because then I can check out some cool tanks and people. If I get at least 5 takers I will create a PNWMAS video for the site.


Aquarium stores are welcome to take me up on this offer but there is a 6 frag minimum due to them being in business. If you are just a home reefer who sells frags all I would ask is 3 frags.


I am really interested in zoas, small acro or monti frags, and ricordias. I am trying to setup a mixed reef so I am really open to a wide variety of frags.


My tank is 24 inches deep and 72 inches wide and I have 2 400 watt 20000k bulbs. My tank thread is here:



My tank has really been looking up in the last few weeks. My Zoas are finally growing well and the whole tank is looking good. I am planning on adding a calcium reactor as soon as the cash falls out of the sky.


My YouTube Video:



My Corporate Demo Reel:



So that is it. This is a hell of a deal. I am just doing it to keep busy, meet people, visit tanks and fill my reef. If you have a nice tank, store, or almost any other tank related gig you should take me up on this offer. Or if you have some other business that needs a video maybe we can work something out but it would be more spendy. It does not hurt to ask because if it means I get my calcium reactor sooner then maybe your business gets a video.

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