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Considering selling 12g nano


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I am considering selling my 12g nano with stand. The tank has been in use for over 3 years yet has no scratches or cracks. The stock canopy has T5's and LED's. The bulbs on the T5's have been used for less than 1 week, I just replaced them before upgrading to MH. I have also upgraded the return pump which would be included. The stand was an additional purchase but will go with the tank. I have successfully housed several corals under the stock lights with success. Of course keep in mind if you are trying to house acro's, birsnest and things of that sort you will probably want to upgrade lights as well. I am just curious what a fair asking price should be. Here is tank and stand under upgraded lights. If someone is interested I will post images with original setup so they can see hood in action.


If I should take a new pic showing entire stand and original lights let me know.

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