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Used bulb test


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Hey if anyone out there running 400w SE bulbs and has some that are going into the garbage.


Could you let me know..... I would like to borrow them from you for a few days to see what they are like. I am positive that I want to run Radiums but I would like to check out some others, if possible, without having to pay full price for them.


I can return them to you or dispose of them after checking them out.


Just thought I would put it out there. Please PM me if you have any.


Thanks, Mike

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Hey, just thought I would throw this out there....MH bulbs last a very long time. This study is for phoenix 14k bulbs but the stats are said to hold true for other quality MH bulbs. Basically Allen Chantelois, from Reefkeeping Mag, says that the bulbs lose 25% of their output in the first 3 months, after that the losses are very minimal. After 24 months the bulbs are only down to 66%. That is not much loss over that long of a time period. Anthony Calfo keeps extra bulbs on hand, and when one burns out he replaces it, but not until then. He runs them until they stop working. I would urge you to keep whatever used bulbs you get, and get some new to replace them when they burn out. I just want to spread the word and let everyone know the truth! If you are wanting the MOST output, upgrading ballasts and reflectors are much more of an upgrade than buying new bulbs every year, unless you can afford to buy new bulbs every 3 months after max output is lost.


Link: http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2007-04/ac/index.php


Happy Reefing everyone!!!


I try to keep my MH bulbs for 18 months.

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