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Tank Cleaning


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The new (used) tank I picked up needs a cleaning and I don't think that a vinegar and water bath is going to do it.


So I am going with the muriatic acid bath. Has anybody done this, and if you have what were the parts water to parts acid? Is there a point of dilution that I do not want to exceed that it melts away the silicone or the internal corner overflow? (scary)


Should I Fill up the whole tank or lay it on it's side a do one wall at a time.





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I also have used muratic acid to clean tanks with no adverse affects


Thank you for the added confidence Bob. I just wanted to make sure I didn't mess up my new tank.


Put the acid in a sprayer bottle. That way you can spray one side and it should save you some acid and mess. + you can treat tough spots with just a spray.


Thanks for the advice Mike. I hadn't even considered that. :)



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