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Bangai Cardinal Babies


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I am only 3 days into raising my first batch of bangai cardinal babies, but they are doing great. I plan on selling them, and thought I would start taking orders now. I am not sure when they will be ready, but I would imagine it will be a few weeks, maybe longer. They are very healthy and active and eating live baby brine, frozen rotifers, and frozen cyclopeze. I am going to sell them for $20 each, which is about $10 less than anywhere online for tank bred bangai cardinals. I plan to take orders, first come, first serve. Once I make the list and there are 16 fish spoken for, I will post that they are gone. If for some reason you are last on the list and one dies, I will let you know and I will put you first on the list for the next batch.





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So you lost them all?(sad)(cussing). Dang. Well better luck next round. You know Dsoz has some pajama cardnals, and one has a mouth full of eggs. Maybe if you know what went wrong you could give him a heads up. Very sorry for your loss. At least you got to experience it thought right?

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