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Clam issue?


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I have had this clam now for about 3 weeks, he has been opened up and very happy the whole time, until the last 2-3 days the top of him has shriveled a little bit. The rest is open and fine, and there have been no changes in flow, lighting or powerhead direction in that time. Any ideas as to why this has happened? Should I try and move him (really have no other place for him in the tank) or let him be? Should I move around a powerhead or something?


Sorry for the ignorance, I have had little to no experience with clams in my tanks.

Any help would be, well, helpful. Thanks



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i too dont know much about clams, but do have a couple of them. i do know you should leave it be. they are pretty tough in good conditions. my only guess is that something picked at it, either a crab or shrimp or something, or maybe got stung by something. leave it be, it will take time to come back, but if it was going to die it will already be dead. when clams go, it usually only takes 24 hours max.

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