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WTB: 200+ watts of light for a 20 gallon tank.


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I have a 20 gallon with some clams and I think they could use more light. Looking online I can find some good stuff that is $200+ and I am hoping to only spend $50-100. Let me know if you have anything you want to sell or trade. For trade, I have some corals, a HOB overflow, macro algae, and maybe a nano heater or something else I can't think of right now.



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Thanks pledosophy, but it's a 24" tank so 36" 96 watts wouldn't work as well as I would like. I would have to make a canopy for it and put in two 96 watt quad bulbs. I don't have a great shop to work in at the moment, so I think it might be best if I just wait for the time being. I might change my mind and I always have beer.

I'm just a clam newb and I worry about these. The first clam I got died and I was told it was not my fault so I got two more. They are doing much better. They are getting better color with time, but after the first 3 days change has slowed, so I wonder if my lights could be better. Am I being impatient? Or should my light be stronger? They are derasa clams that are about 2-2.25". I've had them for 12 days now. Here is a picture of day one and day eleven.

Day 1


Day 11


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