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Thank to the sponsors


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I wanted to thank the sponsors of our club’s (PNWMA) 2008 Christmas party as well as the members who provided their time and energy to make it a success….

Last night we had our Christmas party and it was a blast! A lot of hard work went into it by many people to make this success possible. In addition to the hard work by some of the club members our sponsors were very generous in providing some wonderful raffle prizes. I know with our current economy everyone’s budgets have been stretched and we may not always be able to purchase our “extra” reef items and provide as much monetary business to our sponsors as we have done in the past….but we can assist our sponsor’s in another way; we can all use “word of mouth”. If you hear of someone looking for something let them know of one of the sponsors that might be able to fit their needs. Let other people know what good LFS’s and sponsors we have and you never know….because that person is a potential customer and their friends are potential customers….so, get the word out and support our sponsors as they have supported us.

These are just my thoughts… I have had very good luck with our LFS’s and they have been very good to me personally so I always make sure and talk them up to anyone if I can.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted with the party as well as our sponsors….the party was great! 

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You couldn't have said it better! What a wonderful Christmas party. I have never met so many fellow reefers in one spot at one time. Made for some awesome conversation. I enjoyed the entire evening from Joel's presentation to dinner and the raffle. Great stuff all around. A big thank you to the sponsors for their help and a huge thank you to the club staff! Excellent stuff!




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