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FishOnTheBrainCoral's 10g Nano


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Any help or suggestion are most welcome. I have been in freshwater for about 3 years and have a 72,55,30, and a 10 in fresh. I have a good grasp on the basics but reef is a totally different beast.


Tank started August/08.



28G bow

96W Coralife PC 50/50 (installed Nov.)

Penguin 350 now without bio-weels (i know its big but it was lying around)

Hydor 400GPH circulation pump

15lbs live sand

15lbs LR

1.5g ish DIY hang on fuge (work in progress kinda rough)



4 red and blue hermits (added about two weeks after setup of tank)

2 turbo snails

2 percs (after 1 month) i know not very original.........

1 purple fire goby

1 coral banded shrimp (after 1 month)

1 emerald crab

1,00's of pods :?)

20 purple/white feather dusters

added after light...

Green star polyps


Red mushrooms

Zoas green and red

Purple finger leather


Giant Green Polyp Duncan (should be here today)

Lemon Tree (should be here today)


future stocking will be LPS and softies, with an occasional low light SPS. NO MORE FISH!! I am already over stocked a bit (the GF made me the the purple fire goby).

prob gonna get rid of CBS he is kinda big a bothersome.


I do water changes every 1-2 week about 4g. since its been running i have had two diatom blooms, one shortly after setup, and the other about 2 days after my new light. All is now well. As of right now SG is at 1.025 PH @ 8.3, CAL @ 380-400 and everything else is zero. I run a 11hr light cycle w/fuge on 24hrs.


everyone is happy esp. the Anthelia and GSP. They are growing like weeds!!!


I would love to hear any advise, comments, or concerns...................pic coming

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I do... the GF keeps saying "oh i want that one" and in order to keep her happy so I can buy more stuff I give in, and i shouldnt.... I did talk her into getting rid of the CBS, but the percs or the fire goby are a no go. If it was 100% up to me the only "fish" I would have would be the fire goby. so until i get my way its lots of water test/changes to make sure they are not fowling it to much. They are all getting along happily though.

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Looks like you have a good start on your tank(rock2). I like the fuge, that setup will keep your tank free of nusiance algae. Your coral plan sounds good, I'd go light on the fish. Watch your water param's and stocking real close, small tanks can go south really quick

Looks Good(clap)

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Welcome. Tank is looking good, though stocking level is a bit of a concern -- leaves you little margin for error.


I suggest removing the biowheels from that HOB filter, they'll end up a nitrate factory. Maybe toss a bag of Purigen and GFO in there instead? Also, keeping the foam media squeaky-clean will help. I have a canister on my nano tank and I have to break it down monthly for a full cleaning, or else my nitrate skyrocket.


Weekly water changes are really important too.


Thanks for showing off you tank, and congratulations on having a girlfriend who's enthusiastic about the hobby ;)

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Thanks for posting pics. I agree with other comments about stocking levels, but sounds like you're making an informed decision there, so you can manage the risks. BTW, it's the same stocking I have in my 30 gal - 2 clowns and an algae blenny (3 fish).


My advice... get rid of the hydnophora. Looks like all of your other corals will get along, but the hydnophora is a coral killer. I used to have one when I first started with corals and it attacked a stylophora and wipped it out(sad). Hydnophora are very aggressive corals and fast growers. In a small tank, it won't be long until it grows into conflict with a neighbor.


Also, assuming that the list you included is a full list of your clean-up crew, I would get some more dwarf hermits - maybe twice what you have - and some cerith and Nassarius snails (maybe 5 each).


And yeah, I hate CBS - too aggressive - ditch that guy.


You're off to a good start, good luck with the tank.

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Well I have spent the day upgrading to a 28 bow....now Im ready for a beer!!! I was at the FS today and the GF was looking at it (well more the stand) and we came to terms with getting it. (oh darn a bigger tank) So I have spent the day slowly transfering sand letting it settle doing, doing it again, and again. Tell I had it all in the 28. It looks good, still a little cloudy. No matter how slow I went it was unavoidable. Man is it bare looking though! I still dont "plan" on putting any more fish in there, but I will most def. need to get more rock and CUC..... and more pics coming!!

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Looking good. I do like the tank/stand combo. I think upsizing will be a great choice in the long run. The smaller the tank, the harder to keep everything good - the chemical fluctuations are more extreme and any small glitch is harder to counter. The odds of a tank crash goes up exponentially as the tank size decreases.


If you add more liverock, remember to add it slowly or make sure it is fully, fully, (one more for good measure) fully cured.


Keep the pictures coming, the tank is looking great so far.

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