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Co2 tank with solenoid, CA reactor


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That reactor - with about 4-6 lbs of media in it. Never used however. The pump was cracked when I got it, and was sent a new one on warranty but never got around to setting it up. $100 obo


Also have a 7lb Co2 tank(I think), with solenoid. I bought it from Waves for I about $225. Selling it for $150 and I never used it. :(


Free high value bonus for whoever buys both items. Is related to the items, but a surprise only I will not tell you what it is :) But it's easily worth over $200 new.

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Dropped the prices down significantly. Also have other items for sale...


* Fiji Mud - about 3/4 of bucket left. Great for the 'fuge. $10

* Small CPR hang on back fuge. This is in use so give me some notice to empty it out :) $50


Still have a lot of corals from the other thread. Come on over and check them out! I'll try to update photos tomorrow evening for brighter, more accurate shots!


I'll be at the house Friday evening 6-8pm for viewing ;) and also Saturday am 10-noon or so. So let me know if you want to come on by and see what's what.

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