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strange ink worm?


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okay so yesterday I was cleaning up my tank( things got alittle hairy since I started wrking night shift:eek:) pulling off a nasty hair algae clump that just wont go away...I bumped the lv it was atached too and like a slight orange cloud came out(scratch) I moved the rock again an now theres a slight orange cloud and a freaking huge worm thing quickly looping back into a hole in the rock.....didnt get the best look at it but deffintly wormish not hairy though that I could tell.....so what the heck is it? is it possible that a worm can ink? or do you think it was cutting itself on rock trying to get away....if the latter it could possibly be dying and wreaking havoc to my water params ......should I destroy my rock work and rid it from my tank(wife) or let it be?



besides algae everything is just peachy in my tank but this thing scared my hands out of the water(scary) it was huge and I didnt see it all has anyone seen these before? lmk what you think thanks

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