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Used tanks and equipment


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Hey everyone getting rid of most of my seahorse related stuff. Everything is first come first served will not hold anything, as I want this stuff gone and I don't wan to hold it for weeks on end. So here goes! I really don't want to post pics as everything is so cheap as it is, and would take to much time, and I'm lazy!!


16 gallon eclipse tall with eclipse filter/hood/light system, stealth heater, sand and rusty iron stand sold


10 gallon tank 5 dollars


29 gallon, hot magnum sold , coral life power compact 24in fixture 1 10k 1 actinic, stealth heater, CPR backpack skimmer sold, black and white live sand, timer, lots of halimeda and calurpa(however they are spelled). $20


Lots of air pumps 5 dollars takes them all.


Jbj 7 watt UV sterilizer 6 months old sold


2 Seahorse nurseries-consist of mag 3 pump 10 gallon round food grade container(made by rubbermaid) with center overflow and 15 gallon rubbermaid sump, bio balls, and all plumbing and bulkheads to make it work. sold


brine shrimp hatcher and grow out container $5


I need this stuff gone before my fiancé kills me!!! tonight or tomorrow would works best!!


PM me for my addy and come get this stuff!! Spend 20 and I'll give you a frag of my choice!!


Thanks and Happy Friday!!

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OK here are some pics. It should be noted that i'm more then willing to part any and all of this stuff out. If you don't like a price send me an offer via pm!! I want this stuff gone!!


29 gallon, sand, algae, cpr backpack skimmer, hot magnum filter, coral life 24in compact flourescent dual fixture, and heater. $30



air pumps, heater, and bulkhead



10 gallon tank $5



brine shrimp hatcher, and 10 gallon rubbermaid grow out container. $5


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Hold onto it( the 29g and heater and light) for two days and ill buy it, ill even paypal you right now if you want. Hell ill even give you $20 for it if you toss in that free 10g. Or if its that much of a deal breaker with the fiance im sure patrick at saltwater fantasies would hang on to it and Ill paypal you now.

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