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Visiting Eugene


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Liquid sunshine is a decent store if they have some corals in stock. Nice large DIY type tank in there and lots of FW fish.


Aqua Serene has gotten much better as of late. Their prices seem to be coming down to more realistic levels and they have some good stock. Their large reef tank is pretty cool, but could be nicer IMO. This store has the most stuff in town.


Pet time i guess has upgraded lights to carry more corals. I haven't been in there for a long time, this is just what i've heard.


Those are the only stores we have!

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I checked out both Liquid Sunshine and Aqua Serene last week when I was down there. I have to say that I was most impressed with Aqua Serene. The guy that helped me was super cool and gave me a great deal on a nice coral colony. They have some pretty decent pricing and a good amount of stock. I really like their reef display tank, but it definately could use some work. Actually the guy was talking about that himself and noted that he needs to get some 20k bulbs to bring in some more color as well as trim back some corals that over time had shown some die off. The tank is really mature and has all sorts of cool life in it. Most of the rock is covered in some kind of star or smaller clove polyp which is pretty sweet.


I definately recommend the place though. I will definately be back to check it out in a bit.




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