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I ordered some frag plugs from these guys since they were about the cheapest i could find. Mine are still curing and i like the plugs they have since the disc is larger than most others. They are also made out of ceramic clay.


So i ordered a bunch of frag plugs, some argocrete frag discs, and then a couple other things that are really cool. On the home page of their site i linked above they have something they call a frag station. Its basically a faux rock made from ceramic clay and then they put some holes in it. The frag plugs fit perfectly into these holes. So you can create your own look and have removable frag plugs for selling trading. Its really cool and i think will come in super handy. I've wanted to try something like this for awhile.


Next thing i got that is really cool are frag donuts. They are ceramic clay formed into a donut of sorts. Now THESE are handy!!!! Corals fit right into the middle and it looks so much better than just a frag disc. I can now place them anywhere and not worry about them getting tipped over or moved around.




So i ordered on Saturday. Monday morning i got an email stating my order was being shipped. Later in the day Monday i rec'd another email from Jim stating it had indeed been shipped and they were refunding me $7 for excess shipping charges!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: I have never been refunded shipping charges before in my life.


The package arrived on Wednesday, packed really well. I'm super happy with my order. I've already put 3 of the frag donuts to work on some acans. They fit perfectly. I'll get some pics later this weekend.


If you need any frag plugs, i HIGHLY recommend these guys. I will be buying all my frag supplies from them in the future.

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