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WTB lots of frags!


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Looking for frags of the fallowing. I would be happy to meet in portland or anywhere between eugene and portland.



Nice Plate corals



I have a rock loaded with the following - i'd be willing to let you slice off a couple big ones then frag them for yourself and do what you wish (as long as your re-sell value isn't riddonkulous. ;) ) I'm in Hillsboro just off of 26 & Cornelius pass road.



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I've got a 4 polyp frag of green/purple yumas and a plating coral i'd like to get rid of. The plating coral is about 3" wide X 6" long and has not yet started scrolling, the yumas frag is 2 adult polyps and at least 2 babys.


green/purple yumas in back





plating monti - purple polyps






I'd like $25 for the monti and $50 for the yuma frag.




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