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Looking For Any Small Soft Corals or LPS.


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I am told that any soft corals will do well, and probably ant LPS (Large Polyp Stony) corals. Unless you are planning on adding SPS corals will work in my tank with the lighting that I have.


Would anyone be willing to sell small starts for a far price to a newbie.


I will be at the meeting on Sunday at Jasons store, and I would like to make prior plans with you, as I am married and carry little cash. If you have anything, and are willing to help out a new reef addict, please send me a PM with details and photos of what you have if possible.


Thanks in advance


Kevin (laugh)

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Hello Kevinmc! Boy have I been in you situation. Check the classified section here and you will find lots of frags for sale! I have a 55 gallon with T-5's and have mostly soft and and a few LPS corals...it can be done! Of course mine hasn't grown out much, but if you are interested in some soft stuff PM me!

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