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Advice on Ozone


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I was reading the post on controllers I am looking into buying one is anyone using ozone? I bought a Ozone generator a few months ago but when I got it home the instructions were very unclear about how to set up or monitor it, also there were more warnings than instructions, so I parked it on a shelf

I see the controllers can regulate the input by monitoring the ORP


Even with regular water changes and keeping my lights current I still get algea on my sand bed, I have increased my circulation that seemed to help,its only on the areas exposed to light under coral shade and back in the rock caves the sand is clean. I was wondering if ozone might help

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Ozone will not do anything to algae, UV sterilizer will cut down on algae in the water and kill any parasites.

Ozone will make your skimmer work better by raising the ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential.).

Definitely better to have it on a controller, overdosing can be fatal to the inhabitants.

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