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Diamond goby food?

mister crabs

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i have a diamond goby that has been in my tank for about 5 months now and constantly cleans the sandbed. My concern is he seems awfully skinny and was wondering what a good supplemental food would be? I am guessing his main diet consists of pods and I do have a mini fuge in the back of my biocube with chaeto and LR rubble but Im worried its not keeping up with his demands. I feed my clowns mysis and some squid/krill mixture and my whole tank gets some cyclopeeze (sp?).


Is there something else I can feed him to fatten him up? I really dont want to starve my fish. thanks guys!

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Feed him!

I killed a goby by making that mistake. The sand sifting supplements their diet, kind of like a snack. Gobies actually need a lot of food. I would get grumped at mine because he stole shrimp from my sea star. Turned out he was starving.

Gosh, I feel the old guilt coming back just writing about it...

Moral of the story: Feed him meaty food!

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