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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Starts Now

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Specials

November 17th – 27th

Free Water Bottle & Koozie with every $150 purchase!

Online & In-Store

All SW/FW Livestock 20% Off

Everything Red Sea 12% Off

(Tanks, Equipment, Salt, Supplements, Etc)

IC-Gel Coral Glue 20% Off

M/L Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone $49.99

Emerald Crabs $4.99

Astraea Snail 20 Pack $15 or 100 Pack $70

Blue iQuatics 10% Off

TDO Pellet Foods 25%

Benereef Coral Food 20%

Natalia’s Tool $14 (Coral Cutters)

BRA Water Bottle $5.99

BRA Koozie $3.99

BRA Bag $5.99

In-Store Only

Innovative Marine Fusion Tanks 20% Off

(We can also special order any IM Fusion, SR, INT, EXT @ 20% Off)

Jebao DP Dosing Pumps 20% Off

Neptune, Ecotech, AquaIllumination (not Axis or Orbit) 15% Off

Reef Nutrition & Algae Barn Pods, Phyto & Other Foods 20% Off

Hikari Frozen Foods 20% Off

Marco Rock 20% Off

TLF Substrate 20% Off

Seachem Products 20% Off

Remaining ADA 70% Off

Remaining AquaClear Filters & Replacement Media 35% Off

All UNS, Hagen/Fluval, AquaTop Nanos 15% Off

Omega Foods 20% Off

AquaForest Test Kits 20% Off

New Sicce Heaters & All Pumps 15% Off

These specials are valid from 11/ 17– 11/27. They may not be combined with punches or other special offers. Same day holds only. While supplies last. We no longer allow store credit to be used during our Anniversary Sale or Black Friday events. Prepaid rain checks are okay on most items.

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